Early Learning Experiences

ele is passionately invested in supporting parents and educators to make the early learning experiences of children fun, engaging and developmental. 

As such we support parents and educators in two ways:

- by continually researching and recommending the best educational toys and games available globally. In this regard our website is easy to use and explains the educational value behind each product.

- by assisting parents and educators with insight, pragmatic advice and ways to enhance the self-mastery capabilities of children. It is our contention that self-mastery is one of the greatest gifts that can be given to any child, to enable them to fulfill their potential and become valued members of society. We continually research best practice in this regard and bring it to you in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement format. Our program enables you to explore the concept of self-mastery sequentially, or to search for assistance to help your child with a specific issue. Best of all, the program is divided up into short vignettes that can be accessed any time, anywhere on any device with internet connectivity. Most importantly, in learning how to improve your child's self-mastery capabilities, you yourself will master capabilities that will help you and in many cases have a profound influence on how you interact as a family, with friends and at work.

Given recent events, families are spending more time at home. The silver lining is that we have an amazing opportunity to spend more time with our kids. Lets embrace and use this opportunity to really benefit the next generation. After all, is the greatest leadership challenge (for parents, grandparents and educators) not that of leading the kids of today to build a much better future for all? Choose the toys and games you give your children with care and play an active role in coaching them in self-mastery.