An inspiring story for current times!

Phil McInnes

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives immeasurably.

It is a scary new reality and we all need some inspiration and hope. There are basically two mindsets to approach what is happening. The first is a defensive mindset and the other is an expansive mindset.

I see many families engaging the defensive mindset of "we will bunker down, and ride out the storm together until they find a vaccine and things get back to normal". The reality is that "normality" as we knew it may never return. Please, rather adopt an expansive mindset and find ways to build a new reality that is even better. As parents, we need to change our own mindsets and take our children along on the journey.

The following link will take you to a youtube video of an amazing book written by Spencer Johnson called "Who Moved My Cheese". I urge you to watch it as a family and discuss it openly. You may watch it a few times and as a family you could develop a "language" around it to remind yourselves in a light-hearted way about the mindset you want to engage. Please share it with friends:

Remember, if COVID-19 has had scary implications and limitations for you, it is even more so for your children. Let's be the Hem's of the world and engage an expansive mindset, versus getting stuck in the Haw defensive mindset.

If the link does not work, cut and paste it into your browser. It is seriously worth the effort.


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