Stir up curiosity if you want kids to pay attention.

Phil McInnes

As adults, we believe that we have the right to children's attention when we want to deliver an important message or lesson. We get frustrated when we don't get the attention we feel we deserve.

If we want attention, perhaps we need to firstly stir up curiosity and then motivate our audience to participate in a shared interest. The story of "Stone Soup" illustrates this beautifully. Kids and adults can learn a lot from it and the rich message it gives. Here is a great version on youtube:

Given the initial response from the villagers, it is unlikely that the travellers would have been able to demand attention and convince them to contribute to a communal pot of soup. The travellers rather  "stirred up curiosity", gained the villagers' interest and then subtly drew their participation. The enthusiasm kindled by curiosity generated an outcome much bigger than just a pot of soup.

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