200 Wooden Blocks

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200 Wooden Blocks
200 Wooden Blocks

200 Blocks in four colours and nine shapes for your little builder to stack, build, and knock down! Bright, non-toxic colours add to construction and sorting fun.

  • 200-piece wooden block set
  • Assorted colours: red, yellow, blue, and green
  • 9 different shapes
  • Sort them, stack them, knock them down!
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination, colour and shape recognition, counting and sorting, and spatial relationships.

Age: 3+ years
Size: 31 x 10 x 51 cm

Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Help kids to sort the blocks by colour, identifying each out loud.
  • Encourage beginning counting skills by helping kids to count how many blocks there are of each color. Sort by shape and count how many there are of each.
  • Ask kids to build something using a single colour. Then, challenge them to build a structure where no blocks of the same colour touch each other.
  • Place four blocks in front of kids and ask them to describe them to you. Have kids close his their eyes and remove one of the blocks. Ask them to tell you which is missing! Increase difficulty by starting with more blocks and by removing more than one.
  • Challenge kids to build the tallest structure they can! To make it a game, divide the blocks evenly and see who can build the tallest, longest, widest, or most unusual structure.
  • Build a structure with kids using as many of the blocks as possible. Ask them to tell a story about it. For instance, if it looks like a house, who lives there? If it's more like a bridge or a road, where does it go and who is traveling on it? Maybe it's a wall - who lives on each side and why might they need it?