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Gold Mine

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Gold Mine
Gold Mine
Gold Mine
Gold Mine
Gold Mine

Climb the ladders, find the gold!

Can you help the dwarf find the gold? Place all 3 "ladder" puzzle pieces on the gameboard so the dwarf can go up and down and reach the treasure. "Goldmine" is a magnetic travel game with 48 challenges, from easy to expert.

Inside the Box
  • booklet with magnetic grid
  • challenges and solutions
  • 3 puzzle pieces with ladders
  • 3 bars of gold & 1 dwarf
How to Play
  • Step 1 - Select a challenge. Place the dwarf and the gold on the game board as indicated
  • Step 2 - Place the 3 puzzle pieces with ladders on the game board to create a path from the dwarf to all the gold

There is only 1 possible solution for each challenge, found in the included booklet

Age: 7 - 99 years