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Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunters
Ghost Hunters
Ghost Hunters
Ghost Hunters
Ghost Hunters

Catch the ghosts in the light! 

Have you ever wondered what ghosts do in a haunted mansion? Play Ghost Hunters and use your brain to find out! Light up all of the ghosts in each challenge by placing all the flashlight puzzle pieces correctly. With 60 challenges it’s a scary good time for players young and old!

Inside the Box
  • 1 game board which can be used as storage case
  • 6 transparent puzzle pieces
  •  30 challenge cards with 60 challenges
  • 1 booklet with game rules and solution
How to Play
  • Step 1 - Choose a challenge card and place it on the game board
  • Step 2 - Arrange the 6 puzzle pieces on top of the challenge card so that every ghost becomes visible in the circles of the light beams

There is only 1 possible solution for each challenge, found in the included booklet

Age: 6 - 99 years