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IQ Focus

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IQ Focus
IQ Focus
IQ Focus
IQ Focus

Focus on the central square!

Focus on the central square of the game board to solve the 120 challenges in this IQ puzzle game. Fill the grid with 10 multicolour pieces to match in the center what is shown in the challenge!

Inside the Box
  • 1 compact game board with transparent lid
  • 10 colourful puzzle pieces
  • 1 booklet with 120 multi-level challenges and solutions
How to Play
  • Step 1 - Select a challenge. Each challenge shows the color of the 9 squares in the central area of the game board (the 3x3 area you see through the transparent window when you close the lid). Focus on this area when solving the challenge. Squares can be red, green, blue or white
  • Step 2 - The object of the game is to fit all the pieces on the game board so that the colours of the 9 central squares match what is shown in the challenge
  • Step 3 - When all puzzle pieces fit on the game board, close the lid to check if the color placements in the central 3x3 area match with the challenge.

There is only 1 correct solution, which can be found at the end of the booklet

Age: 8 - 99 years