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Penguins Parade

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Penguins Parade
Penguins Parade
Penguins Parade
Penguins Parade

Get the penguins in line! 

Get ready for Penguins Parade! This new magnetic travel game provides hours of fun, with 48 challenges included. Penguins Parade is a great brain game for kids, and perfect for travel.

Inside the Box
  • booklet with magnetic grid
  • challenges and solutions
  • 4 puzzle pieces with penguins
  • 2 blank puzzle pieces
How to Play
  • Step 1 - Place the 2 puzzle pieces without penguins on the grid as indicated in the selected challenge
  • Step 2 - Place the puzzle pieces with penguins on the game board so that the 4 penguins end up in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, with no spaces in between

There is only 1 solution, shown at the back of the included booklet

Age: 5+ years