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Jersey Cow

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Jersey Cow
Jersey Cow
Jersey Cow
Jersey Cow

From their humble origins on a small British Island, Jersey Cows have traveled the world. They were known in England proper in the late 18th century, and they were first brought to the US in 1850. The breed is known for producing very high quality milk with plenty of butterfat from a diet of grass. The Island of Jersey has maintained the breed’s purity with a 150-year ban on imported cattle. Second only to Holsteins in production and popularity, Jersey Cows have adapted nearly worldwide to a variety of climates.

Jersey Cows are a European breed originating from Jersey Island, a tiny British island in the English channel, just off the coast of France. Jersey Cows are prodigious milk cows, producing more per pound of body weight than any other breed.

  • Scientific Name: Bos taurus
  • Characteristics: This docile Jersey Cow swishes its tail, waiting to be milked. Although other cows produce more total pounds of milk, none produces milk more efficiently than the Jersey Cow.
  • Size and Colour: Jersey Cows vary in color, but this 5-inch-long version sports a coat with darker brown on the back and legs, and lighter brown on the flanks. This color is preferred by breeders and typical for the breed.
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Age: 3+ years
Size in cm: 12.9 L x 3.9 W x 8 H