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Veiled Chameleon Baby

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Veiled Chameleon Baby
Veiled Chameleon Baby

Veiled chameleons are fairly common in captivity, and make great pets due to their ability to adapt to many different conditions and habitats. In fact, in areas like Hawaii and Florida veiled chameleons are considered an invasive species. The assumption is that they were released accidentally or on purpose by previous owners, and have taken to the specific regions so well that are considered overly-successful.

Native to Yemen and Saudi Arabia, the veiled chameleon is a common reptile species that is popular as a pet. While adults are brightly colored with different stripes, infants are predominantly green in color during their youth.

  • Scientific Name: Chamaeleo calyptratus
  • Characteristics:Interestingly, young veiled chameleons raised alone are often darker in colour than those raised with other chameleons. Learn more astounding facts like this with our professionally sculpted and scientifically accurate figurine!
  • Size and Colour: 6.75 inches long and 4.25 inches tall, this figurine is about an inch larger in both dimensions than a soda can resting on its side. Although it hasn’t yet developed its full spectrum of colours, this veiled chameleon baby is still a striking lime green.
  • The Veiled Chameleon Baby is part of the Incredible Creatures® collection
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Age: 18+ months
Size in cm: 16.25 L x 10.25 H